17 year old refuses $ 8 million for his site: “I don’t want to speculate”

In a period like the current one, in which unfortunately there are some bad guys trying to exploit the “general chaos” to carry out scams, luckily there are also some honest people, who understand the situation and do not in any “use it” way to make money.

Among the honest ones is certainly Avi Schiffmann, a 17 year old American who created the portal nCoV2019.live, thought for keep track of COVID-19 data globally. As we have already explained in this news, by accessing the website created by Schiffmann you can view various data related to the various countries, from the number of confirmed cases to that of patients in intensive care, passing through the Survival Rate Calculator, a tool that tries to calculate the probability of survival in case of infection (you must enter the age, gender and presence of previous pathologies).

According to what also reported by Business Insider, following the spread of the news and the popularity achieved by the 17-year-old’s project, which exceeded 30 million daily visitors, Schiffmann would have received various commercial proposals regarding his website. In particular, some advertisers would have asked the boy to insert advertisements on his portal while someone would have tried to buy the website for a figure close to $ 8 million.

I’m only 17, I don’t need 8 million dollars … I don’t want to be a speculator“Schiffmann told Business Insider microphones. Furthermore, the boy explained that he does not want the user interface of his portal to be” ruined “by banner ads, which of course would be out of his control if he sold the site.

The 17-year-old also said that there are people from all over the world with slow Internet connections and the inclusion of pop-ups would make browsing more difficult. This is without counting those who buy the portal could then modify it to your liking.

People think I’m going to regret this decision, but I’m going to do a lot of things in the future“said the boy. Among other things, it seems that, following the media attention received by the project, Schiffmann has already received a job offer from Microsoft and known several investors.

Image credits: Business Insider.

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