Afterpulse Elite Army Full Apk Mod Revdl Data for Android

Afterpulse Elite Army Data for Android Apk Mod Revdl

App Mod Revdl
App Mod Revdl

Apk Mod Revdl Afterpulse: The electromagnetic pulse changed everything. The balance of power is unstable. World leaders are deploying elite commandos and it is time for you to enter the war. Will you restore peace or ignite the greatest armed conflict in history?

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** Best online multiplayer games **

You are now on the battlefield with no other chance to survive but to take down the enemy army! Explore the fields, search for targets, plan a battle strategy and keep cool in this DeathWatch! Are you ready for battle, soldier?

Enjoyed over 10 million players award winning game PO PULSE returns as the best RPG battle multiplayer shooter with intense action fighting game. Prepare to go to war with his leading role, a fully equipped elite army soldier, in various war zones. Customize your soldier’s equipment and all weapons and get ready for any war situation.

Choose wisely your army soldier fighting style: Become a shotgun man, a blunt-nosed, sniper, or versatile shooter … Every battle skill will be required to win a battle on the battlefield. Now everything is ready to become the hero of our story, a war hero able to direct army enemies without mercy!

App Mod Revdl
App Mod Revdl

** Fully Customizable SHOOTER Action Game **

– Its impressive realistic graphics make this third person shooter one of the most wanted action MMORPG.
– Customize your headgear, full body armor, equipment, grenades and other advanced army machine guns and choose the right weapon for missions depending on its damage, rate of fire, accuracy, amo or reload!
– Over 200 unique weapons that evolve into over 1200 to choose from! Choose your own FPS shooting style according to your army fighting strategy: Pistol, Shotgun, Attack, SMG, LMG, Sniper, Rockets … or combine them for more damage!
– Various battle shooter modes action game! Train your military skills in training mode, or fight right in multiplayer war: Dive into free for all battles and conquer the enemy in 8 players match Team Death!
– Different Places War Battleground means different strategy for each mission! Unlike FPS first-person shooters you are able to shoot and shoot using different perspectives!
– Customize game controls during combat! Shooting training and shooting with another weapon Play as a sniper and fight as a weapon makeover against every enemy army!
Battle and fight against your friends and other players into this multiplayer third-person shooter!
– Fully customizable touch controls for moving around the battlefield and designed specifically for mobile platforms.

There’s a machine gun fire everywhere! Get ready, aim and start fighting the enemy in this FPS strategy fighting game! As an AFTERPULSE elite soldier shotgun shooter there is no more honor than to die on the battlefield! Focusing on this war battle doesn’t give up easily: Survive today and tomorrow will be yours!


Winter Warfare is here. We released an improved version of the famous wreck map. You will boldly walk through the sharp snow of dangerous mountains. You will find yourself blinded by a blizzard, with reduced visibility and facing challenges that will test your ability to survive in extreme situations.

In order to improve your performance in cold weather situations, you will be armed with thermal vision weapons and equipped with special Mountain Warfare uniforms.


  1. APK“Install on your device.
  2. „Com.dle.afterpulse “folder” android / ÖBB“Copy to.
  3. Enter the game.

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  • updated: 2020-01-04
  • Current version: 2.7.1
  • File size: 11 MB + 1.39 GB
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