Apple to announce first ARM chips for Mac at WWDC!

Bloomberg is a real bomb. According to the popular news agency, during the WWDC opening keynote, which is scheduled for June 22, Apple will announce the first ARM chips for Mac, which will mark the departure of the Cupertino company from Intel.

The news, if confirmed, would reinforce previous rumors that the first Macs with ARM chips should arrive in 2021. Apple plans to kick off the transition this month to allow developers to prepare their applications and be ready for next year’s launch.

Always Bloomberg previously reported that Apple engineers would be preparing a 12-core ARM chip with custom design, based on the 5 nanometer manufacturing process and capable of exceeding the performance of current MacBook Air based on Intel processors.

For users, the implications could be many: in addition to offering better performance, ARM chips could also improve energy efficiency. Bloomberg however reports that the engineers reported significant improvements for the GPU and artificial intelligence performance as well.

We specify that, at least at the moment, Apple has not yet confirmed the WWDC keynote, but has said that it will be a totally online edition due to the Covid-19. The presentation of the new iOS 14 and other operating systems is also scheduled.

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