Best cheap wireless headphones and earphones, under 100 euros

After having “transported” you to the world of cheap smartphones in the field of autonomy, today we are going to discover together another market in which it can be even more difficult to navigate, namely that of best cheap wireless headphones (under 100 euros).

In fact, the most expensive headsets are often reviewed online for obvious reasons, but in reality people with us often contact us needs that we could define “basic”. In particular, there is a specific user target that does not aim for high audio fidelity, but is simply satisfied with wireless headphones capable of reproducing multimedia content at a discreet quality and without too many problems from the point of view of latency.

Well, if you are one of these people, here are some tips they could do for you (we have included all of them headset we tested internally, or at the most we have heard well from almost anyone, but obviously there are myriads of models). Feel free to give advice in the space dedicated to comments, in case you have found yourself well with other models.

Best wireless headphones under 100 euros

  • Blitzwolf BW-HP0: drums, full-bodied bass sound and additional features via physical buttons. The quality / price ratio is excellent and it is really difficult to ask for more in this range. We are still using them as secondary headphones almost a year after the review and we have never had any major problems.

Useful links: Blitzwolf BW-HP0 review, official site (currently they are not found on Amazon Italy, but usually they can be purchased for around 25 euros online. Count that in this period it is difficult to find many products, but the situation should unlock).

  • JBL E40 BT: it is a model that everyone is rediscovering in this period, since it costs less than 100 euros on Amazon. JBL is a guarantee in the audio field and these headphones do not disappoint in terms of quality in this price range, thanks to the 40 mm drivers and PureBass technology.

Useful links: page on Amazon Italy (price 99.99 euros);

  • Dodocool DA158: Hi-Res certified audio, aptX codec support and noise reduction system. These are the most interesting features offered by these inexpensive headphones, which certainly can appeal to a certain type of user.

Useful links: Dodocool DA158 review, official site (currently they are not available on Amazon Italy, but by searching online they can usually be found for less than 70 euros).

Best wireless earphones under 100 euros

  • Blitzwolf BW-FYE3: True Wireless with a good quality / price ratio. They also have IPX6 certification and the charging box can be used as an emergency powerbank.

Useful links: Blitzwolf BW-FYE3 review, official site (currently not found on Amazon Italy, but online usually found for around 40 euros).

  • Pamu Scroll: IPX6 certification, Bluetooth 5.0 and compatibility with the main voice assistants. Interesting wireless earbuds that convinced many people to trust the company.

Useful links: Pamu Scroll review, Amazon Italy page (about 80 euros).

  • Xiaomi Mi True Wireless 2 / Airdots Pro 2: appreciated by many users who have no particular needs, Xiaomi’s low cost earphones can definitely be a good solution for the price at which they are offered. The Chinese company has made several improvements through software updates. In terms of sound quality, they are a step above the Pamu Scrolls and other solutions. Design may like it or not, and it is certainly not a perfect product, but in this range it can be interesting.

Useful links: Amazon Italy page (about 80 euros).

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