Bitmoji TV | Snapchat creates animated series with user avatar and friends

Snapchat is betting on a new feature, created to create more entertainment for its users. With the novelty, weekly videos will be published in the app with your Bitmoji and those of your friends in fun situations. Called Bitmoji TV, the new function will debut this Saturday (1st), in a season of 10 episodes that parodies the world of television and films.

In the first episode, the user will be able to check out a competition similar to the freshman programs The Voice and American Idol, and will feature Randy Jackson’s avatar and voice as one of the judges. In future episodes, Bitmoji TV will feature comedians like Andy Richter, Jon Lovitz and Riki Lindhome.

Bitmoji’s CEO and co-founder, Ba Blackstock, said that the arrival of Bitmoji TV, in which he also acts as a writer and director, will be a new form of entertainment invented and what has been an “insane” journey.

Exclusive page for Bitmoji TV on Snapchat (Image: Screenshot / Natalie Rosa)

To watch Bitmoji TV, obviously, you need to have a Snapchat profile and link a Bitmoji account to it. Then, each user will see a different version of the program, with the animation rendered dynamically, that is, if you change your avatar, in the next episode he will already have the new look.

The function will be in the “Discover” tab, and it will be possible to activate notifications so as not to miss any episodes. Entering there from now on, you can check out trailers from all chapters.

Image: Screenshot / Natalie Rosa

Bitmoji was acquired by Snapchat in 2016, with the purchase of Bitstrips, for about $ 100 million. So the feature of creating custom avatars went to Snap and became a hit with users. In November 2018, Bitmoji Stories was launched, which shows short comic books with your avatar and your friends, who appear there three times a week.

Since the premiere, more than 130 million users have watched the stories. “People are very excited about this type of personalized content. Let’s see how people will respond to it and how crazy it will be,” concludes Blackstock.

Source: Tech Crunch

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