CM 1998 – Final – Return on the myth around the malaise of Ronaldo before France-Brazil, final of the World Cup 1998

ronaldo (M.Deschamps / The team)

CM 1998 – Final

Twenty years after France's victory over Brazil in the 1998 World Cup final, Ronaldo's story, and his discomfort before the match, has always raised many questions and even fantasies. Back on this event.

We remember the recital of the Blues, the doubled Zidane, the "And one, and two, and three zero!", Jubilation everywhere in France. But this July 12, 1998, there is a story that has always kept its mysteries: it concerns Ronaldo, star striker of the Seleçao and international star of the time who, in Saint-Denis, realizes, in the image of his team, a more than disappointing final. The impressive duel with Fabien Barthez is also judged by some as the turning point of the match. For the 21-year-old, that was when he lost his money.

But as days, months, and even years, revelations about the case Ronaldo have not stopped appearing. It all started with what seemed like a misunderstanding, a little over an hour before the kickoff of the final. The Ballon d'Or France Football 1997 does not appear on the scoresheet, replaced by Edmundo. Stupor. But everything is in order at the time of the warm-up: Ronaldo is there, with the holders. He will be at the forefront of the attack of the reigning world champions. Was it a bluff to destabilize the French? Probably not, when we know that Edmundo was in charge of the marking on Zinedine Zidane when the set pieces were kicked, and that the instruction was apparently not transmitted to the Fenomeno. With the consequences that we know.

Cardiac and neurological examinations

At the end of the match and the next day, the French are just celebrating their heroes, just pointing a disappointing performance of the center forward Auriverde. In Brazil, however, Ronaldo is named as one of the main culprits of the defeat. As the hours go by, you always learn more behind the scenes of this final. First, the number nine would have been uncomfortable shortly before the kickoff. Then, there was talk of an epileptic seizure on the night of July 11 to 12. The languages ​​of the main stakeholders are gradually being loosened. Lidio Toledo, doctor of the selection, announces that Ronaldo was transported to the clinic of Lilacs, near Paris, the night before the final, to perform cardiac and neurological examinations. This Sunday, July 12th, Il Fenomeno There remains a part of the day, and there is no question that he plays against France. To comfort and re-motivate his players, coach Mario Zagallo reminds them that Brazil 1962 won the World Cup without Pelé, injured. So, why did Ronaldo finally play?

Roberto Carlos begins to panic and walks out of the room shouting "Ronaldo is dying."

For some, like the player's father, the coach did not hesitate when he heard him say that he feltfull". "I could not leave 160 million depressed Brazilians, telling them that the best player in the world was not going to play in the World Cup final" subsequently justified the coach. However, Ronaldo would also have made the forcing to be aligned: "he told me he felt good", Hammered Zagallo. Returning to Brazil, Zico, deputy of this last, castigated this choice: "Cwas a mistake"But the most recovered have gone so far as to attack the brand Nike, which Ronaldo had a huge contract and that would have pushed considerably for his headliner is on the ground.

But what exactly happened in room 290 of the Château de la Grande Romaine, the night before the finale? While Ronaldo is watching a Formula 1 grand prix, lying on his bed, he faints. His roommate, Roberto Carlos, starts to panic and leaves the room screaming "Ronaldo is dying!" Edmundo and the doctors are the first to arrive, and Il Fenomeno regains his senses, without any memory of the terrible minutes that have just passed. "When the doctor told me what happened, I was very shocked" then entrusted the player.

He would actually have come close to death

In fact, the 21-year-old striker came close to death, according to specialists. "French doctors have relied on the diagnosis of the epileptic seizure issued by Roberto Carlos and not by a doctorExplained Bruno Caru, president of the Italian Society of Cardiology Sport, to Mediaset in 2012. It was not an epileptic seizure but a heart problem: Ronaldo was eighteen beats per minute when he arrived at the hospital. "They gave him a very powerful medicine, good for epilepsy but not recommended for heart problems. They gave a very heavy sedative, the Gardenale, which was used by Marylin Monroe to commit suicide. This sedative reduces and strongly inhibits brain activity."

In his book Doping in football published in 2010, Jean-Pierre de Mondenard makes hypotheses about the possible reasons for the malaise of Fenomeno : "He had suffered knees since the start of the World Cup and the medical staff was infiltrating him so that he could play despite his handicap. In addition, this type of product contains an anesthetic that can, if it is partially injected into a blood vessel, cause a shock with loss of consciousness may pass for an epileptic seizure." Be that as it may, the Ronaldo affair remains a dark and unknown story of the glorious finale of 1998.

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