CM 2019 – Final – The made in USA environment teaches the lesson for a fourth star

Soccer Football - Women's World Cup Final - United States v Netherlands - Groupama Stadium, Lyon, France - July 7, 2019 Julie Ertz of the U.S. celebrates the end of the match after winning Women's World Cup REUTERS / Benoit Tessier (Reuters)

CM 2019 – Final

In a controlled end-to-end final, the United States earned its fourth crown in eight World Cups. Drivers of the American game, Julia Ertz, Rose Lavelle and Samantha Mewis shone.

There is Morgan. There is Rapinoe. There is Eath. A string of stars, who won a fourth Sunday in Lyon, but also an excellent midfielder. Throughout the competition, just like in the final. Julia Ertz in front of the defense, Samantha Mewis and Rose Lavelle as relayers. A trio to master the game, tactical key of this World, for the United States as for all the other nations, and to ensure a proper collective balance to the best team in the world. Creation and withdrawal. Incursions and game without balloon. Strikes from afar and splashes into the surface. The midfield band reigned over the OL Park, disgusting Oranje who will have framed only one shot …

Maximum confidence

Skinny, too thin to even put doubt in American heads. Because if historians grant to the compatriots of Rose Lavelle this belief in a manifest destiny, nobody will have been able to deviate the flocks of Jill Ellis of theirs: to win this Mondial. Which started well their match, without creating opportunities. Mewis went high enough, believing in this opus to deceive an exceptional Dutch goalkeeper (38th), Ertz distributed perfectly, like this jewel for Morgan (40th) which ended on a missile of the attacker made in USA.

Rose Lavelle, Julia Ertz and Samantha Mewis were the number one protagonists of this title

As for Lavelle, his tackle (58th) initiated the action of the penalty, logically obtained by Morgan (58th). This is the perfect definition of the role of this midfielder. Between shadow work and decisive actions, showing enough inspiration in terms of variation. Sometimes play on the wings, especially to Rapinoe or Dunn side, sometimes with relays in the axis.

Dr. Julia and Miss Ertz

Respectively rated 7.7 and 6 by FF, Rose Lavelle, Julia Ertz and Samantha Mewis were the number one protagonists of this fourth tackle. Including the first two, while Lavelle, after a rush while dribbling and a clear shot, sealed the scenario of the match (69th). As for Ertz, her task is certainly less offensive, she will have been all the good shots. It was the first strike of the match (28th), ended with several key passes including that for Morgan (40th) and became the keystone of the American defensive system late in the game. As for the entire competition, Julia Ertz, in a role of piston in the heart of the game, went down a notch to be in central defense (80th). A tactical signature adaptability of the American collective. More ready, more experienced, more concentrated … stronger! The fourth star is necessarily the conclusion of a masterful process. – A.B.

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