“CSKA” – “Rostov” – 0: 1

Follow the text broadcast of the match of the 12th round of the championship of Russia.

Russian Premier League. 12th round

“CSKA” – “Rostov” – 0: 1

Goal: Khoren Bayramyan (11).

Warnings: Danil Glebov (12).

CSKA: Igor Akinfeev – Igor Diveev, Cedric Gogua, Zvonimir Charliya, Mario Fernandez – Ilzat Akhmetov, Ivan Oblyakov, Nikola Vlašić, Konstantin Kuchaev, Arnor Sigurdsson – Fedor Chalov.
Spare: Ilya Pomazun, Vladislav Torop, Hordur Magnusson, Maxim Yeleev, Vadim Karpov, Yaka Biyol, Lucas Santos, Kristiyan Bistrovich, Nayair Tiknizyan, Konstantin Maradishvili, Takuma Nisimura.

Rostov: Egor Baburin – Dmitry Chistyakov, Evgeny Chernov, Dennis Hadzhikadunich, Alexey Kozlov – Khoren Bayramyan, Matias Normann, Ivelin Popov, Danil Glebov, Alexey Ionov – Eldor Shomurodov.
Spare: Sergey Pesyakov, Daniil Frolkin, Danila Vedernikov, Kirill Malyarov, Arseny Logashov, Maciej Vilyush, Alexander Saplinov, Baktiyor Zainutdinov, Danila Proshlyakov, Alexander Dolgov.

Stadium: VEB Arena (Moscow, Russia).

Arbitrator: Vasily Kazartsev (St. Petersburg, Russia).

18 minutes Muscovites imposed a penalty on Rostov, but it doesn’t reach the blow.

15 minutes. CSKA go forward, the guests confidently defend.

12 minutes Glebov punished mustard plaster for an intentional hand game in the middle of the field.

11 minutes GOOOOOOOOOL! Corner Rostovites left, the ball flew to the free Bayramyan. And that one in touch without interference struck into the far corner!

10 min. Chalov was offside.

8 minutes And now the standard on the left was fulfilled by Vlašić – and again the defenders of Rostov won the air.

7 minutes Oblyakov hung from the penalty area on the left – the defender knocked the ball off with his head.

5 minutes. Uhhh! Popov struck tightly from the penalty line – Akinfeev repulsed in a jump!

3 min. By the way, the fight began under the snowfall – in Moscow, autumn ends, winter is on its nose.

1 min. And the moment is already at the 25th second! Chalov hung on the left – the ball fell on the crossbar of the goal of Rostov, bounced into the field – and the defender defused the situation!

1 min. THE MATCH STARTED! The hosts are in red T-shirts and blue shorts, the guests are in yellow T-shirts and blue shorts.

“CSKA” - “Rostov” - 0: 1. Live

On Sunday, October 6th, a meeting of the 12th round of the Russian Premier League will take place, in which CSKA hosts Rostov. The match will be held in Moscow at the VEB Arena stadium, the start is at 16:30 Moscow time.

Teams lead a direct struggle for leadership in the standings. Actually, the army team are in first place, ahead of Rostovites by 2 points. So the full-time duel can change everything: either CSKA will break away from the pursuers, or the Rostov team will bypass the army. Therefore, the meeting promises to be difficult for both teams!

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