CSKA vs Lokomotiv: who will win the Moscow derby? Announcement + best bets, history

CSKA – Lokomotiv

July 28 (Sunday), 19:00 (GMT)

Russian Premier League, Round 3

Moscow. VEB Arena

Chief referee: Vladislav Bezborodov (St. Petersburg)

The fight with CSKA and Lokomotiv is undoubtedly a cool poster. The championship is just gaining momentum, but in the third round one of the most important oppositions of the season will take place – we think it makes no sense to talk about the relationship that has developed between these opponents. True, there is a feeling that the holiday will not work colorful and dynamic. – both clubs demonstrate a controversial game, which is why they managed to miss important points in such a short time. CSKA unexpectedly lost to Wings of the Soviets and beat Orenburg with good luck – if Nikola Vlašić, who had laid the foundation for the victory over Vladimir Fedotov’s charges, would have no idea where the Army men were. At the bottom of the tournament table? It is doubtful that Goncharenko suggested such a development.

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“Loko” has a slightly better situation – first, the Syomin guys took the country's Super Cup than inspired the fans. Secondly, after the misfire committed with Ruby, the players corrected the mistakes and put Tambov on the shoulder blades. Note that the game, as in the case of CSKA and Orenburg, came out nervous, and the three points were forced. Mikhail Kostyukov “delighted” YurPalycha at the very beginning of the meeting, and it is good that the owners of the “Russian Railways Arena” gathered their strength – the return balls flew into the net “burgundy-blue” at the 31st and 33rd minutes of the meeting.

Why did it happen so? The reasons are different. "Horses" are experiencing difficulties of a tactical nature, juggling with different arrangements, in addition, a major mess is created in the defensive link. The scheme of three or four defenders does not bring the desired effect – Georgy Shchennikov is injured, and Viktor Vasin, both did not reach, did not reach the main clip. The coaching staff has to experiment – now it is permissible, but not too correct, since the nuances concerning the protection should be decided on at the pre-season training camp. Igor Diveev and Zvonimir Sharlia look like foreign bodies (which is still excusable and understandable), but both newcomers need to integrate as quickly as possible – no one will wait for them. And the attack raises questions – Chalov didn’t regain his condition, and it’s not entirely reasonable to take responsibility for Vlasic alone.

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“Lokomotiv” faced similar problems, but the team has no such imbalance – Yuri Semin focused on tactics and has some kind of drawing. Some performers lack functionality, plus, the absence of Benedict Hevedes and Solomon Querkwelia is embarrassing, but still – the Miranchuk brothers are in perfect order, Dmitry Barinov and Grzegorz Kryhovyak are spurred by new contracts (finally PSG sighed), and Smolov and Eder slowly return the form. It seems to us that the “railroad workers” can boast of great advantages, although this is not one hundred percent guarantee of success. Still, this is a derby, where special emotions appear – we would not be surprised if this or that side gains the upper hand at the expense of one character. There are high-quality players, around whom the general outline of the duel will be built – since there is not enough physics, then why not strike a blow, guided by psychology? So yes – look forward to the beginning of the game.


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Viktor Goncharenko, head coach of CSKA Moscow

“About any match – unsuccessful, as with“ Wings of the Soviets ”, or successful, as with“ Orenburg ”, – it is common for athletes to forget over time: some emotions persist, but basically you think about the next fight. Now the mood is fighting, we are in good condition for the game with the railway workers. What is important is not what is behind your back, but what is ahead.

If we talk about Lokomotiv, the biggest plus of this team is the one that we had for a long time: experience and teamwork. The opponent knows what to do on the field, can play with two attackers or, due to the presence of the Miranchuk brothers, vary the game on the flanks, act in quick attacks and put pressure on opponents with standards. We will have a difficult match, and its outcome will depend more not on Lokomotiv, but on ourselves, our desire. If everyone sees a young, playful team on the field, it will help us a lot. ”

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Nikola Vlašić, Moscow midfielder CSKA

“We are waiting for a really very difficult game. Last season we never managed to beat Lokomotiv. Now there is a chance to rehabilitate. I can’t wait for the moment when the match starts. ”

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Macsey Rybus, midfielder of Moscow “Lokomotiv”

“We lost in Samara, we could have missed the victory with Orenburg, if in the end Akinfeev had not saved. But it does not mean anything. On Sunday there will be no easy life. It’s good that in the last two matches we beat CSKA. I hope, and now we will score three points. "

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Alexander Mostovoy, former player of Spartak Moscow and Selty, expert:

“Locomotive” seems to me more reliable. Yes, in the game plan, they may have some problems, they barely grope their own football, but they have played a stable composition. And at CSKA – it is not clear what. Too much depends on Vlasic. Such a game – by leaps and bounds. I think there will be many moments. Both teams are able to attack, there are corresponding performers. These are not schemes with seven or eight defenders. Therefore, there should be no closed football. ”

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Ruslan Nigmatullin, the former goalkeeper of the Moscow “Locomotive” and CSKA

“So far, unfortunately, the teams do not show their best football. Lokomotiv and CSKA managed to lose points in matches in which they were supposed to gain one hundred percent. Somewhere, apparently, rivals in the upcoming derby did not have the right attitude. Plus, while there is still a set of game rhythm. I think that the best matches ahead. For example, the nearest one can become such. Still, both teams are excellent irritants for each other. Of course, the degree of the game here will be higher than in meetings with other rivals. I do not expect indoor football. Yes, of course, he will be careful somewhere. Again, the teams lost points at the start of the championship. So rivals at the very beginning will not rush forward to risk. But I expect that the teams will effectively hold this match in the attack, that they will think not only about defense. I think this match will be stubborn, but will not be able to identify the winner. "


Opponents for all time intersected with each other 62 times. The minimum advantage on the “railroad” side: + 25 = 13 – 24, goal difference 70 – 82.

May 10, 2015, Lokomotiv Moscow – CSKA Moscow – 1: 3

September 26, 2015, CSKA Moscow – Lokomotiv Moscow – 1: 1

April 16, 2016, Lokomotiv Moscow – CSKA Moscow – 1: 1

October 23, 2016, Lokomotiv Moscow – CSKA Moscow – 1: 0

April 26, 2017, CSKA Moscow – Lokomotiv Moscow – 4: 0

July 21, 2017, CSKA Moscow – Lokomotiv Moscow – 1: 3

November 5, 2017, Lokomotiv Moscow – CSKA Moscow – 2: 2

July 27, 2018, Lokomotiv Moscow – CSKA Moscow – 0: 1

October 7, 2018, CSKA Moscow – Lokomotiv Moscow – 0: 1

April 20, 2019, Lokomotiv Moscow – CSKA Moscow – 1: 1


Bookmakers give preference to Viktor Goncharenko's wards, which is extremely surprising – the “CSKA” did not enter the season well and are still in search of the optimal design. Yuri Semin is also not happy, but his team looks more integral and has corresponding points of support, from which in the future you can start. Perhaps the experts are counting on the red-blue revanchist mood (an unexpected defeat in Samara should have hit the ambitions and plans of the Belarusian specialist), as well as the support of the home stands. Whatever it was, the standard painting “1 – X – 2 for the pair looks like this: 2.18 for the hosts, 3.35 for a draw, the red-green win is also estimated by the same coefficient – 3.35. Apparently, the match will come out ineffective, but why not pay attention to the table of additional odds and totals – what if it will help you to hit the jackpot?

Additional handicaps:

CSKA Moscow: (–2.0) 8.50; (–1.5) 4.20; (–1.0) 3.40; (–0.25) 1.86; (+1.0) 1.11; (+1.5) 1.08;

Lokomotiv Moscow: (+2.0) 1.07; (+1.5) 1.23; (+1.0) 1.35; (+0.25) 2.00; (–1.0) 6.60; (–1.5) 7.70;

Additional totals:

(1.0) is greater than 1.10; less than 7.00; (1.5) more than 1.39; less than 3.00; (2.0) more than 1.67; less than 2.30;

(2.25) is greater than 1.95; less than 1.91; (3.0) more than 3.30; less than 1.33; (3.5) more than 4.00; less than 1.25;

CSKA Moscow: (2.0) more than 4.20; less than 1.23; (1.0) is greater than 1.57; less than 2.41;

Lokomotiv Moscow: (2.0) more than 7.60; less than 1.08; (1.5) more than 3.35; less than 1.33;

Goal in the 1st half: yes 1.50; no 2.60;

Goal in the 2nd half: Yes 1.29; no 3.55; Goals in both halves: yes 1.98; no 1.83;

Victory CSKA Moscow in one ball: yes 3.70; no 1.25; Victory Lokomotiv Moscow in one ball: yes 4.70; no 1.16;

Victory CSKA Moscow in one ball or draw: yes 1.84; no 1.90; Victory Lokomotiv Moscow one ball or draw: yes 2.07; no 1.70;

CSKA Moscow TB 2.5 will win: yes 3.90; CSKA Moscow TM 2.5 will win: yes 4.40;

Lokomotiv Moscow TB 2.5 will win: yes 6.40; Lokomotiv Moscow TM 2.5 will win: yes 6.30;

CSKA Moscow TB 2.5 does not lose: yes 3.20; CSKA Moscow TM 2.5 will not lose either: yes 2.20;

Lokomotiv Moscow TB 2.5 does not lose: yes 4.70; Lokomotiv Moscow TM 2.5: yes 2.60 will not lose;

CSKA Moscow wins both halves: yes 6.50; no 1.09;

Lokomotiv Moscow wins both halves: yes 11.0; no 1.02;

CSKA Moscow victory in at least one half: yes 1.65; no 2.15;

Lokomotiv Moscow victory in at least one half: yes 2.23; no 1.61;

CSKA Moscow will win and will not miss: yes 3.30; no 1.30;

Lokomotiv Moscow win and not miss: yes 5.10; no 1.15;

Total match: even 1.91; odd 1.95;

Goal in the match: yes 1.06; no 9.00;

Score more than 1.5 goals: both teams 8.00; only CSKA Moscow 3.20; only Lokomotiv Moscow 5.50; none of the teams 2.17;

Scoring goals in both halves: both teams 19.5; only CSKA Moscow 4.50; only Lokomotiv Moscow 7.30; none of the teams 1.49;

Both teams will score in the 1st half / in the 2nd half: Yes / Yes 19.5; Yes / No 7.30; No / Yes 4.50; No / No 1.49;

Both will score, and the match will end in victory for one of the teams: yes 3.00; no 1.36;

The first goal of the match will score: CSKA Moscow 1.81; there will be no goals 9.00; "Lokomotiv Moscow 2.40;

When will the first goal be scored ?: 1-15 min 3.45; 16-30 min 4.30; 31-45 minutes 5.30; in the 2nd half 3.45; there will be no goals 9.00;

At least one of the teams will score 2 or more goals: yes 1.67; no 2.12;

At least one of the teams will score 3 or more goals: yes 3.75; no 1.25;

The result of the match from the 1st to the 15th minute, inclusive: victory CSKA Moscow 6.20; draw 1.25; victory "Locomotive "Moscow 8.00


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