doctors prepare to face a pandemic

“We have to prepare for the worst,” said the official of the disease control and prevention centers, the American doctor and deputy director Anne Schuchat. When the COVID-19 epidemic were to expand in the United States, which to date has few and isolated cases.

In the hypothetical scenario in which those limited cases of coronavirus identified in the United States extended, causing a pandemic, doctors began preparing one lifeboat (not in the strict sense of the term of course). Organizational strategies were being developed to be able to face and manage the emergencies that would arise, such as the exhaustion of medical supplies in the depots.

Logically, they predict that people would unleash a real health crisis. It is therefore essential for institutions of this magnitude to emulate as realistically as possible a possible reaction to an epidemic of this caliber.

It’s not alarmism – doctors clarify – and even the use of the word “pandemic” would like it to be more parsimonious, but it is right not to be found without solutions when this terrible prediction becomes reality. This is the advice of doctors: wash your hands often, cover your mouth with your elbow in case of sneezing or coughing, avoid attending people with fever or flu or who present the initial symptoms of the coronavirus and, above all, do not panic .

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