Germany – Dortmund – From Lens to Borussia Dortmund, back on Thorgan Hazard’s journey

Germany – Dortmund

At 27, he settled slowly among the most influential wingers in the Bundesliga. In the shadow of an Eden that was taking up more and more space, Thorgan Hazard had to take his time to start making a name for himself. We trace his early career with important moments.

The day he made his only L1 bench

Second in the Hazard siblings, behind Eden, and in front of Kylian and Ethan, Thorgan Hazard made his first classes at the Stade Brainois then in Tubize, Belgium, before joining the RC Lens training center in 2007. All of this while Eden is with the rival, the LOSC. Thorgan is then 16 years old. When he applied to be able to join the first team, the Sang et Or were at their worst. In 2010-11, when he turns 18, he will sit on the artesian bench during the 35th day of the Championship. The Lensois won 1-0 and still believe in maintaining. Maintain which will not intervene. Hazard will therefore not even dispute a few minutes in the elite. He will play 90 minutes against OM, in the League Cup, in October 2011, during a spanking harvested by Lens at the Vélodrome (0-4).

The day he started in the Championship

In reconstruction and with the desire to quickly go back to Ligue 1, RC Lens counts on Thorgan Hazard to succeed in this operation. Except that it starts badly. In Bollaert, after a first goal wrongly rejected, Lens is led 2-0 by the Stade de Reims after 35 minutes of play. Not finding the fault, Jean-Louis Garcia then launches his young player within half a end time. Hazard then replaced Serge Aurier for an offensive change. Without success. “It was not easy to get into this match, he said to FF at the time. I tried to let go, bring liveliness and percussion, but I did not succeed too much. It’s been a moment I’ve been waiting for, and I’m glad I started here in this stadium. ” With, already, the pressure linked to his brother, Eden. “My brother set the bar very high, he has experienced fabulous progress. I don’t know many people who have had the same. It’s up to me to make a name for myself. ”

The day he takes the plunge

“We are different. He is Thorgan and I am Eden. We must not try to compare ourselves ”, explains Eden Hazard at the start of 2012. However, what will happen in the following weeks will not help these incessant comparisons. Six tenures. Fourteen appearances. Zero goals. Difficult first season among pros for Thorgan Hazard at RC Lens. “I was young, the club was not doing too well, he admitted to FF a few years later. I did not play often. The supporters only wanted one thing: to bring the club up. Finally, we no longer played the maintenance. When you are young, with pressure, it is not easy to explode. And I didn’t necessarily play my job. ” Still with the involuntary pressure of his brother: “People had a lot of expectations. In Lens, no one saw me. Drilling there would not have been so simple because the L2 is not made for young people. There is little space and the defenses are very organized. ” In May 2012, after lighting up Ligue 1, Eden Hazard joined a large European club: Chelsea snatched up their signature for 40 million euros. Two months later, the Blues record the arrival of Thorgan. A costume far too big for him at the time. Chelsea logically lends it to Zulte-Waregem in Belgium.

The day he becomes a Red Devil

84th minute of this friendly match at the end of the 2013 season between the United States and Belgium. If the Americans have just scored a second goal, Marc Wilmots’ men are heading for a quiet success after the achievements of Kévin Mirallas, Christian Benteke (double) and Marouane Fellaini. Romelu Lukaku then gives way to Thorgan Hazard. At 20, two months and one day, Eden’s brother, absent that day, therefore celebrates his first cape in selection A. Behind, he will have to wait more than three years to tread a lawn again with Belgium, in November 2016 against the Netherlands.

The day he set fire to the locker room at Zulte-Waregem

After an encouraging first season (5 goals in the Championship), Thorgan Hazard has yet to grow and assert himself in this Belgian D1 to apply for a higher level in the future. But in the middle of summer, he will be at the heart of serious differences on the side of Zulte-Waregem. At the time, according to local press, the player’s representatives would have asked that Thorgan Hazard inherit the number 10 and become captain to accept a second season in the team. If the first request had been rejected, the second request had been accepted. Davy de Fauw, home advocate, was asked to donate the armband.

“In the interest of the club, it was decided to give the captain’s armband to Hazard, says De Fauw at the time, in comments reported by Sport / foot magazine. Zulte Waregem will benefit from Thorgan Hazard’s contribution for at least another year. This can help its development. Obviously, I will continue to fulfill the role I have held for the past two years within the club. ” A polished speech which hides in fact a real internal crisis, since the locker room rises and several players even threaten to leave. A whirlwind as Zulte-Waregem faces PSV Eindhoven in the preliminary round of the Champions League a few days later. Finally, barely 24 hours after this turmoil, Thorgan Hazard left the armband to De Fauw. All that for this.

The day he was Golden Shoe

After the captaincy affair, Hazard quickly got back on track and went on to perform well (9 goals, particularly during the first three months of competition). These performances won the 2013 Golden Shoe, which rewards the best player playing in Belgium. He is the first player in the history of Zulte-Waregem to climb to the top. “If I had planted myself, it would have been very hard to go up the slope, he told FF about his loan in Belgium. I did not doubt, I had a good season. My progress was constant. ” A state of form that almost opens the doors of the Belgian selection for the 2014 World Cup. Almost, because Thorgan Hazard appears in the reservists of Marc Wilmots and therefore will not go to Brazil.

-Thorgan Hazard, east of Eden

The day he has a discussion with José Mourinho

It’s time for a fresh start in summer 2014 for Thorgan Hazard. After two years on loan in Belgium, the former Lensois has progressed, but obviously not enough to integrate the abundant workforce of José Mourinho’s Chelsea. A Special One that Hazard meets. “He told me to continue like this, extended Thorgan Hazard to FF. He explained to me that he watched the matches in Belgium from time to time. It’s the only time I’ve seen it. ” He will never see him again. Eight months later, the Borussia Mönchengladbach, the club where Hazard made his third loan, raised the purchase option to 8 million euros.

The Blues, far-sighted, included, in case, a buyout clause. “When I signed at Chelsea, I knew I was going to be on loan and that I wasn’t going to play there right away, justified Hazard. Leaving was not an easy decision, but it was the right one. I would have liked to play with my brother but I am realistic, for the moment, it is not possible. But it stays in the back of my mind. I hope one day to return to Chelsea. If I become a very good Bundesliga player, why not? ” In Gladbach, Hazard discovers the Bundesliga under the orders of a certain Lucien Favre, today his coach in Dortmund.

The day he registered his first hat-trick with the pros

Another little effort and Borussia Mönchengladbach is in the Champions League. We are in August 2016. 3-1 winners in the first leg (with a decisive pass from Thorgan Hazard), in Switzerland, against the Young Boys of Bern by Guillaume Hoarau, the Germans must manage and they will see the group stage. They will do better than that with a real festival: 6-1! The opportunity for Hazard to register the first hat-trick of his career in official competition. It also adds an assist. Raffael, his teammate, does even better with three goals and two assists!

The day he opened his selection counter

This October 10, 2017, Cyprus has seen many colors against the Hazard brothers, tenured together in the Belgian team for the second time only. And this for a qualifying match for the 2018 World Cup. Final score: 4-0. Double Eden, and the first goal in red for Thorgan.

The day he completely harvested a panenka

It must be believed that Borussia Dortmund did not hold it against him. But in December 2018, just before the winter break, Thorgan Hazard had “distinguished” himself by a panenka not to be shown in football schools. The trajectory, the power, the application: there was nothing going.

The day he beautifully punishes his ex

It was just before the forced break from Covid-19. In an extremely important meeting in the title race and in the Champions League, this “Borussico” between Gladbach and Dortmund was an opportunity for Hazard to shine magnificently. From the eighth minute, the Belgian remembered the good memories of a stadium he had known well. Served in the surface, it first misses its control. On the right of the surface, he mystifies his opponents with a hook before continuing very quickly. The goal is superb. Dortmund will win 2-1.

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