Germany – Leverkusen – Moussa Diaby, birth planned

Germany – Leverkusen

Cradled at Camp des Loges and the star-studded metamorphosis of PSG, the French striker had to cross the Franco-German border to flourish. An explosion as obvious, to believe those who have rubbed shoulders with it, in the favorable context of the Bayer Leverkusen.

Arm in arm, they celebrate a new goal marked with their seal. The health break did not change anything. Young, enthusiastic, sassy and daring, they further strengthen the image of a tailor-made Bundesliga for young people. Kai Havertz is not new. Better still, at 20, he is already very experienced. But for Moussa Diaby, bizuth of German football, the discovery of this new world is already taking a positive turn. “Since November, he has gone from impact player status at 15 minutes to that of best eccentric player on a team with a ton of similar talents like Karim Bellarabi or Leon Bailey, input lance Abel Meszaros, Bundesliga analyst for SportTV and StatsBomb. He did it with his dribbles, his one-on-one abilities, how he advances the ball … Now he’s one of the first names on the game sheet.“Arrived at Leverkusen last summer from Paris Saint-Germain, when the”titi sacrifice”Is a crucial economic issue, Moussa Diaby took the time to acclimatize. Slowly, quietly, the international Espoirs has made its place. “I had a complicated start to the season with no playing time, he now explains to Telefoot. I had to work, make an effort and it’s going well. When you change countries, you automatically change languages, […] you are far from family, your friends. You discover everything.

Surprise, pressure and Gambardella

A breakthrough in the elite, like Christopher Nkunku or Dan-Axel Zagadou, far from surprising his former wealthy companions, among other Parisians. “It doesn’t surprise me to see him at this level», Explains Alexis Giacomini, generation 98; “A hard worker, a competitor and a real soccer player, so anything but a surprise», Assures Enzo Loiodice, team-mate in France U20; “I expected nothing less from himAdds Arnaud Luzayadio, one year younger. More than talent, the first even sees in this explosion a trait of character: “He was never afraid of the pressure. He never asked himself too many questions. He does not take the lead and he was never impressed. It supports pressure.»A mental aspect which, associated with an innate quality ball to the foot and a permanent dangerousness, explains performances for a long time noticed.

“He takes a lot of risks, carried towards the goal with his acceleration …”

Its strong point is percussion, details Luzayadio. He will try to create an imbalance in the defense when he is facing the game. Without bragging about it, in almost all the games with us, he made differences. One day, I was on the bench in the quarterfinals of Gambardella against Lens and, from the outside, you could see even better what he was doing. That match, every time he touched the ball, there was danger.“”He takes a lot of risks, brought to the goal with his acceleration, embellishes Giacomini. He brings balloons into the area, with a risky offensive game. He can lose balls but he will make the difference once or twice in the match and that is enough.As against Werder Bremen, for example, where his two assists ensured a convincing success as much as affirmed the rise in power of the young left-hander.

Doctor Moussa, Mister Diaby

A confirmation that is nevertheless intended to be discreet. Reserved from the outside, his voice still hesitant about his few small media interventions, Moussa Diaby does not have the passion and extravagance of some of his peers. “But it’s far from being a discreet boy, tance Alexis Giacomini, immersed in his memories of the training center. Outside, maybe, but not in a locker room. He is very roomy, he speaks loudly. Interviews, speaking in public, appearing outside, it’s not too much of a thing. But with his friends and his team-mates, he is in the chamber. A real footballer. […] I remember one time when he and two or three players walked down the hall, we were in class and we were sleeping in them. They are told that it is the class of failures. He had taken it badly, but always with a laugh. That was the atmosphere of PSG.“A characteristic that Enzo Loiodice sums up in a parallel:”It is a treat to play with him, never stingy with effort, always available. It represents what it is in group life. Generous !»Child of the 19th arrondissement of the capital, pure kid of the Parisian metropolis, Moussa Diaby made his ranges there without toasting the stages: modest club but trainer, Paris Saint-Germain, French selections of young people – U18, U19, U20, Hopes – then discovery of the professional world despite an unsuccessful loan in Italy and finally happy exile abroad.

Bosz, professional work

Just before, under the aegis of Thomas Tuchel, the titi plunges into the deep end. An appearance here, another there, and a close relationship with his coach, good advice when choosing his next destination. “Germany, I had spoken to Thomas Tuchel, who wanted to keep me, explained the principal interested in L’Équipe. But when I told him that I wanted to play more often, he said that Germany would suit my qualities perfectly.Well, he took it. At Leverkusen, Moussa Diaby found the flourishing point of a young career and, as it often goes hand in hand, a context made for expression.

“It won’t surprise me either that it explodes even more …”

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