Germany – Matchday 27 – Hertha wins Berlin derby in two stages

Germany – 27th day

After a dull and lifeless first period, Hertha came back from the locker room to the floor to plant four goals for the Union and win the Berlin derby without any dispute.

Bundesliga return, episode 2. After an awaited first football weekend, the German Championship is back on track for a 27th day that promises to be lively. For the entry, an enticing poster: a Berlin derby, certainly without atmosphere but with challenge. However, the match took a long time to settle, to get carried away and to cheer up the viewers and supporters of a city that vibrates for both camps. Without atmosphere, no madness? Only Lukebakio (18th), Grujic (22nd) and Cunha (27th) tried for Hertha in the first period, before a vain response from Andrich (44th) on a free kick. The only banner of the Union side match, defeated for the second consecutive time after the loss to Bayern Munich last weekend.

The Ibisevic show

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