How to choose the ideal TV for PS5 and Xbox Series X? Our opinions

How we had announced on these pages, today, June 3, 2020, there was a live streaming dedicated to the usual technological insight that keeps you company every Wednesday and that we usually call around here Q&A Tech. The main topic chosen for this episode are TVs for gaming.

In fact, Alessio Ferraiuolo, editorial manager of the Tech section of, and Tommaso “Todd” Montagnoli they analyzed the topic at 360 degrees in a live broadcast lasting about an hour. Obviously, there was no lack of questions from users, to which Alessio and Todd replied in the usual way.

We remind you that, in general, the direct Q&A Tech takes place in this way: a main theme is chosen which will be the leitmotif of the whole episode and the questions left by users in the comments space of the announcement news are analyzed first and then those made directly in chat. Obviously, there is no rule that requires you to treat only one topic, but often you end up talking about other interesting aspects related to the technological world (for example, in this episode the Motorola Edge smartphone was shown, which Alessio is testing from a little’).

For the rest, you can see the replicas of our direct, as well as through the YouTube channel Everyeye On Demand, also through the “Video” section of our Twitch channel. As for the schedule, you can find it in the description of the Twitch channel weekly or in a less extensive variant directly in the Everyeye home page.

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