In “Arsenal” recognized the problem with their large payroll

Josh Kronke, who is the son of London-based Arsenal owner Stan Kronke, spoke about the financial activities of the club.

In Kronke Jr. admitted that at Emirates Stadium they are well aware that the club’s salary costs exceed the income side. And with him at Arsenal, we intend to do something.

“We understand that not everyone agrees with the processes occurring in the club, but if you are in sports only for the sake of money, then this is a difficult, very difficult business. It’s no secret that at the moment we have a payroll of the Champions League team with the budget of the Europa League club. This is a fact, and now we are finding out how to deal with it. But this does not mean that my father or I have ever talked about spending limits. We know where we need to be, and we know what we need to pay attention to, ”The Sun quotes Kronke.

Recall, the London “Gunners” season 2018/19. finished in the English Premier League in fifth place and won the right for the second season in a row to play in the Europa League group.

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