iPhone 12 coming soon with new Face ID. Goodbye to the Lightning connector in 2021?

Barclays analysts have released a new report according to which i new iPhones 12 will be equipped with an “updated” TrueDepth system. This means that the Face ID facial recognition will probably be renewed and will include some very important innovations, on which however no indiscretions have emerged.

In a research note published by MacRumors, Blayne Curtis, Thomas O’Malley and Baylie Harri also claim that in the iPhone 12 Pro there will be a photographic sensor for 3D based object detection on the ToF (Time-Of-Flight) system.

Also confirmed the rumors that emerged regarding the possible presence of 6GB of RAM on the iPhone 12 Pro, compared to the 4GB present on the iPhone 11 Pro.

The most significant change, however, would have been postponed until next year, when according to analysts Apple will remove the Lightning connector from at least one iPhone model. The presence of USB-C is uncertain, but a similar indiscretion had also been published by fellow analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last month. Clearly, such a choice could involve removing the EarPods from the packaging, and users already dream of the presence of the AirPods. However, this approach could only be adopted for the ultratop models of the line, and according to many it will result in even higher prices.

The adoption of a single charging standard on smartphones could however become mandatory, as the European Union is considering the possibility of imposing it through a law.

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