LITTLE X2, alleged official posters and real photos leaked: announcement on February 4th!

After several official teasers, they also revealed that the smartphone will be announced on February 4, 2020, POCO X2, successor of the PocoPhone F1 flagship killer, returns to be talked about due to the fact that some alleged official posters and real photos of the device have been leaked online.

In particular, according to what reported SlashLeaks and how written on Twitter by TechDroider, a leaker seems to have managed to get his hands on a sample of the smartphone and has shared the images that you can see at the bottom of the news. From the latter we note the hole for dual front camera and it also seems that POCO X2 implements stereo speakers.

For the rest, some alleged official posters have also emerged that seem to confirm precisely what is seen in the aforementioned photos. In fact, the front of the smartphone seems to be just that. As for the backcover instead, apparently POCO wants to opt for a solution very similar to that already seen on Redmi K30.

According to some sources, POCO X2 could actually be very similar to the aforementioned model also in terms of specifications. On the other hand, as you can see on the Xiaomi official website, the design similarities between the two smartphones seem to be quite evident. That LITTLE X2 therefore has the same technical characteristics as Redmi K30? At the moment we are not aware of it, but a few days ago the company said it did not believe in unofficial rumors. We’ll see, February 4th 2020 is not that far away!

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