My mythical jersey – My mythical jersey: Brazil in the Kosmos

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My mythical jersey

While FF offers you a Top 50 of the legendary jerseys in the number currently available in newsstands or in digital, some journalists from our editorial team tell you THEIR favorite jersey with passion. Last episode with Jean-Marie Lanoë and Brazil 1970.

In Fontenay-sous-Bois, we played Tipp-Kick, a pretty awesome soccer game made in Germany (from the west). Only two players per O-K team but: a small button on the player’s head operated his leg. You could thus strike at ground level or mid-height, hard, gently, cross, lob or even brush the small ball of hexagonal shape half yellow, half red. According to the dominant of the latter, it was up to the player of the same color to shoot at goal.

A goal kept by a goalkeeper with a box behind his cages. Right button, dive on the same side, left, dive on the left. Charlie had bought several games so that we could have six players per team! At the cinema “Le Kosmos”, we went to see a long retrospective of the 1970 World Cup and also dry, six mini-players of Tipp-Kick became Brazilian: Felix in goals – the weak link – Carlos Alberto, the only defender , Tostao, Rivelino, Jairzinho and Pelé, of course.

“What we love are the World Cups that we experience as kids”

We have no idea what this jersey could represent for all those who loved football, from Fontenay-sous-Bois to Rio de Janeiro. It was pure round ball, without task, without blow or almost in which a player even paunchy had all the chances to express himself at ease. It cloped, it was preparing we still wonder how and it wrote its own legend over the matches. Brazil-Czechoslovakia and Pelé’s attempt at the midfield; Brazil-England and the incredible arrest of Gordon Banks, my favorite goalkeeper, on Pelé’s head; the quality of the auriverde attackers against Peru, the final against Italy with the famous blind pass of King Pelé for Carlos Alberto, in line …

But this Brazil could prove to be much less effective on the felt field of the Charly stadium in Fontenay-sous-Bois. He could even get hit by a French nut team, then coached by Louis Dugauguez then Georges Boulogne much more valiant here than in Strasbourg where Sweden had banned it from the 1970 World Cup. on TV, the “real” Brazil has completely forgotten the absence of those who were not yet called the Blues, for lack of colors in the small screens. Of course, the passing years freeze the memory in its best by ignoring everything else, the blows that the Uruguayan players, for example. So what ? Anyway, as Pamela Druckerman, a journalist at New york times : “What we love are the World Cups that we experience as kids, those that sometimes connect us for the first time in our lives to something gigantic and wonderful. ”

Jean-Marie Lanoë

The number of France Football with the Top 50 mythical jerseys, but also the 12 pages in tribute to Pape Diouf, the interview with Jeff Reine-Adélaïde and many other things is still available in newsstands but also online by clicking here.

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