to read in FF – Ten tracks for

07/17/2015; Nyon; UEFA Fussball - Auslosung Champions League und Europa League; UEFA Schriftzug am Sitz in Nyon (Urs Lindt / freshfocus) (Urs Lindt / freshfocus / PRESSE SPORTS)

to read in FF

What lesson to learn and what directions to take to reinvent more responsible football? Several sports economists detail ten possible routes in FF. Here they are.

1- Seasons from March to November

2- A European DNCG

3- Limited staff

4- The winter transfer window removed

5- A new “6 + 5” rule introduced

6- Reduced Divisions 1

7- Enlarged divisions 2

8- Increased training allowances

9- Incentives for women’s football

10- Final stages of C1 in tournament mode

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