Transfers – Mercato: Gareth Bale in Newcastle?

Gareth Bale and Real Madrid are stopped. (Oscar J. Barroso / Presse Sports)


In the process of being bought by Saudi investors, Newcastle already dreams of a galactic team. A madness of grandeur of which Gareth Bale would be the number one target.

Three years ago, the club played in the second division. Today, the future is looking more calmly at Newcastle. With the arrival of Mohamed ben Salmane at the helm of the club, the ambition is no longer to maintain itself, but to play the leading roles. Even if you have to sign amazing checks. More really at the level that was hers in the past, Gareth Bale could be the first concerned. Hardly used by Zinedine Zidane, he never hid his will to leave the White House. A mutual desire, since the management considers that it has sufficiently amortized it. The exit door is therefore wide open. Yes Marca reports that he refused 25 million euros in annual salary to go to Jiangsu Suning in China last summer, he could be satisfied with the 17 million he currently receives. Great prince. To this would be added the amount of the transfer estimated at 20 million euros by the Spanish daily. Small change for the new bosses of Newcastle.

Tottenham would have a buyout clause

But there would be a catch. By transferring him to Real in 2013, Tottenham would have secured his rear. With a preferential option in the Welshman’s contract. In essence, if Real accepts an offer from a Premier League club, the Spurs would have 72 hours to match the sum, or not. A profile that would not be too much in the workforce of José Mourinho. But his salary could cool Daniel Lévy, the London president. Whatever happens, this clause would have an expiration date: June 30, 2019. The day from which the former Bale club would no longer have a say. The opinion of another Spur could however weigh in the balance: Mauricio Pocchetino. Aimed to be the coach of this Newcastle 2.0, he would be, privately, rather interested in the idea of ​​coaching Gareth Bale. For new leaders, this duo would form the ideal two-headed creature. A situation still unthinkable a few weeks before.

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