via restrictions on orders

Start today phase 2 of the health emergency, with the relaxation of the first restrictions on travel and the return to work for millions of Italians. Amazon is also preparing to face this new period by eliminating all restrictions imposed on orders.

In fact, on March 18 Amazon had announced that it would give priority to basic necessities, ed had removed many of the products from its catalog, passing the ball to third-party stores. Everything was seasoned by a notice on the homepage that, from today, has been eliminated and replaced by “Vouchers for Mother’s Day“.

Indeed, by making some checks on products that previously had an estimated delivery date at the end of May, including BluRay and non-essential goods, we had the opportunity to find that the wording on the shipment has been eliminated and now the arrival at home is foreseen in the standard times foreseen by Prime.

The rumors about Amazon’s return to normal had already emerged in mid-April, but they were not completely true as the banner continued to stand out on the main page and the delivery estimates for orders were still higher: in some cases even 2-3 weeks after sending.

We do not know clearly if the change affects the whole Peninsula, and as always we invite you to report it through the comments section.

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